Dr. Le-Bucklin’s Answer:

The H1N1 vaccine is made in the same way as the regular flu vaccine. The CDC considers the H1N1 flu vaccine to be safe for pregnant women. In a recent report by the CDC, 7% of patients hospitalized for H1N1 flu were pregnant women. This is a significant level of risk considering that pregnant women only make up 1% of the general population.

Because pregnant women and babies are considered at high risk for serious infection, the CDC recommends that pregnant women be vaccinated against both seasonal and H1N1 flu to protect themselves and to afford protection to their newborns who can’t be vaccinated (the minimum age for flu vaccination is 6 months).

Note: I was recently interviewed by Lani, the mother of triplets and co-founder of the Multiples and More Blog Network. This question was from our interview.

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Khanh-Van Le-Bucklin