Twins 101

Dr. Le-Bucklin’s new parenting book is the first by a pediatrician who is also a mother of twins. No other pregnancy and parenting book for multiples offers this unique and much-needed perspective.

Twins 101 features practical advice and well-researched information in an easy-to-read format. From maintaining a healthy twin pregnancy to meeting the daily challenge of caring for twins, Twin 101 guides families through each stage with insightful tips, practical advice, useful resources, and inspirational stories.

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Editorial Praise for Twins 101:

“A must-read for expectant or multitasking mothers of multiples by an academic pediatrician and mother of twins, Twins 101 provides practical tips and wise words in a readable style that fits into the fast pace of these mothers’ lives.”

Theodore Sectish, MD, associate professor of pediatrics, Harvard Medical School; program director, Children’s Hospital Boston 

“Finally, an author who addresses the #1 mistake made by OB’s who care for pregnant moms of multiples when she stresses the importance of determining chorionicity early in pregnancy. Khanh-Van gives life-saving information on subjects such as TTTS in a factual, yet compassionate way, leaving the reader empowered and relaxed as if they had just spoken to their best friend.”

Mary Slaman-Forsythe, Founder and President, The Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome Foundation

“The must-have resource for parents of multiples, Twins 101 is a fun, inspiring, anxiety- and stress-relieving guide filled to the brim with utterly practical tips. Dr. Le Bucklin’s warmth and wisdom shine in a fabulous nuts-and-bolts handbook you will treasure.”

Alan Greene, MD, Clinical Professor of Pediatrics, Stanford University, Author of Raising Baby Green and brother of twins

“When I found out I was having twins, I searched for books that would be able to give me research AND experiential based information, and there was nothing out there until Twins 101. This book is exactly what I was looking for – clear, informative ideas and tips that are based on the latest research and practice. As a professional in the field of child development and psychology for over 15 years, I plan on using it frequently with the parents of multiples I meet in my practice as well as personally with my twin girls.”

Eileen Andrade Kitching, MS, CCLS, Child Life Director and mother of twins

“Dr. Le-Bucklin’s unique and humane perspective makes her the perfect author of this much needed resource. Twins 101 is filled with practical advice and insights which will be welcome reading for all parents expecting or raising twins.”

Henry Lee, MD, Neonatologist, Stanford University

“This book contains high-yield, easy-to-read tips making it convenient for busy, on-the-go parents of multiples. Dr. Le-Bucklin demystifies the NICU and familiarizes readers with medical jargon that can be overwhelming to new parents. Nobody could have been better qualified to write this book than Dr. Le-Bucklin as a pediatrician and an amazing M.O.M.”

Henry J. Legere III, MD, Pediatrician and Author of Raising Healthy Eaters: 100 Tips for Parents

“This is a fantastic reference for any parent who has twins or multiples. This book provides exceptional insight for parents of twins that can relieve stress and anxiety in a fast-paced life.”

Eric D. Schultz, D.O., M.P.H., pediatrician, Duke University Medical Center

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