Raising Healthy Multiples at Any Age

Dr. Le-Bucklin is a twins’ health and parenting expert and the author of “Twins 101: 50 Must-have Tips for Pregnancy through Early Childhood from Doctor M.O.M.” This site is full of great resources for parents of multiples. Our content is organized by age group, making it easy for you to dig in to the most relevant information for your children. If you have any questions about TwinsDoctor, contact us!

More About TwinsDoctor.com

In addition to her private practice work and TwinsDoctor.com, Dr. Le-Bucklin is an active promoter of TTTS awareness. She currently serves as a member of the TTTS Foundation’s medical advisory board. She strongly believes in the TTTS Foundation’s vision to save lives through TTTS awareness and has made it her own mission to support families affected by TTTS in any way she can.

Twins 101 was written in consultation with Mary Slaman-Forsythe, the founder of the TTTS Foundation, and is the only book endorsed by the foundation.

In addition to her work as a twins’ expert, Dr. Le-Bucklin has been the senior medical content editor for the pediatric website, DrGreene.com, since 1999. An academic pediatrician with over 15 years of experience in health education, Dr. Le-Bucklin also directs multiple aspects of education at the University of California, Irvine where she serves as Pediatric Residency Director.

She has published several articles in medical journals and has been cited in multiple newspaper, magazine, and online media outlets.